Spending time together outside of a Sunday morning is important and that’s why a number of people within the fellowship meet during the week to spend time looking at the bible and praying together as a way of supporting each other.  It’s a great way to feel more connected in the church – as one Christian leader said ‘it’s a place which you know and can be known’.  Meeting in homes on a Tuesday morning and Thursday evening, house-groups reflect the relational aspect of the church.  

Cameo (Come and Meet Each Other)

It’s good to get together over food and chat – that’s what Cameo is all about.  We meet on the second Tuesday of every month (except during the summer) from 12.30pm until about 2pm.  We socialise over a homemade two course meal, with those from our community and the church family.  Why not join us?

Craft group

Enjoy doing crafts?  Then this could be a good group for you to join.  Meeting monthly on Thursday afternoons, the group gathers either in a home or the church to try out different crafts and spend time together.  Again, a great way to connect!